McCabe_smile-3MH Derivative Solutions, LLC is run by McCabe Hurley. McCabe has been in the derivatives markets for over 25 years in the front office as a salesperson or trader

She has worked for large banks, hedge funds,  proprietary trading firms as well as for herself.

Her career aspirations took form during a high school work-study program with two option salespeople.  She decided to focus her career on derivative products.

As an option market maker for one of the first option trading firms, Chicago Research & Trading (CRT), she made option markets on the American Stock Exchange and managed the resultant equity options risk.

When equity option spreads narrowed she moved upstairs to the Interest Rate Swaps desk where she found success marketing the relatively new product to a new client base, portfolio managers.  She went on to work in New York and Paris for large banks seeing the derivative products business grow as well as self-correct from the mistakes most new business lines experience.

She’s always let the market trends take her to the revenues while keeping her sail firm and her moral compass tight against the wind.

Trusting her intuition and enjoying what she did for a living has brought this woman the ultimate success, a balance between professional success and personal happiness.

McCabe was fortunate to find a business she found stimulating  and consistently offered her new opportunities.  With that good fortune has brought 25 years of mentors and students who remain her trusted professional circle.

Today, she runs MH Derivative Solutions, LLC where she assists buy and sell side firms implement the necessary tools to comply with Dodd Frank Title VII and related regulations.

A deregulation proponent at heart, the 2007 credit crisis updated McCabe’s perspective on regulation.  She brings clients solutions which balance compliance with revenue generation.


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