Basel III & Capital Charges

Basel III & Capital Charges

I’m glad we have our best man on the job!  With little Mikey (see picture) hard at work, why worry?

Basel III & Capital Charges

2% capital charge for cleared derivatives. Uncleared derivatives will incur a risk weighting of 2-5%. Further, there will be a capital charge for those banks with direct exposure to a clearinghouses default fund. The default fund is the money each clearing member sets aside to cover losses in the event a clearing member has a client default.  The Basel III Committee’s guidelines can be read here

The Impact of Basel III & Capital Charges

Ernst & Young published a report “Progress in Financial Services Risk Manangement”.  The report is a detailed view of all aspects effecting the financial service industry’s cost structure including Basel III.  The entire report can be read here.  The Impact of Basel III can be found on Page 48.

And What About Mikey?

Go ahead Mickie, burn the midnight oil.

For all we know he could be planning the next financial crisis.  Then again, he could be calculating which tone of crying gets his mother out of bed the quickest.

But me?  I’m not worried.


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