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2Q15 Earnings Expectations & Schedule

2Q15 Earnings Expectations & Schedule

2Q15 Earnings Expectations & Schedule

Earnings Expectations on S&P 500 Wow! It seems like this quarterly went by in a flash.  There’s been a lot of focus on Greece and lots of head scratching about the timeframe for rates rising.  Let’s take a moment and focus on 2Q15 earnings expectations & schedule. 2Q15 earnings season is not expected to be a good one. 

Earnings Season – 1Q15 – Earnings vs. Revenues

With 12% of the S&P 500 having reported, there’s enough of interest to begin Earnings Season 1Q15 Blogs. Earnings Season 1Q15 – Earnings  vs. Revenues The first item of note is the divergence between earnings surprises (73.3% positive surprises with an average surprise of +5.6%) and revenues, where negative surprises lead with 53.3% of the companies reporting lower

4Q14 Earnings Season – Wrap It Up

Like my girl Iggy (as in Iggy Azalea) says, “First things first…I’m the realest…” Should that allusion elude you it means I’m about to speak the truth.  I use the S&P 500 as a means of compiling statistics which are understandable and easy to digest.  But I miss so much of the market out there. 

Earnings Season 4Q14 – Preview

OK, I’m a week late – this isn’t quite 4Q14 – Earnings Preview.  But January 2015 has been jam packed with news, geopolitics and market moves.  So  let’s get to it. Expectations are Everything? The companies have become fond of the “expect little and they’ll be happy with anything” game for a while now.  This

Earnings Season 3Q14 – Wrap it Up!

S&P500 index – Surprises versus Expectations To put an end to Earnings Season 3Q14 – Wrap it Up! 93% of the stocks in the S&P 500 having reported earnings for 3Q14, it’s time to put a cork in it. According to actual earnings versus consensus earnings 73.5% reported higher actual earnings with surprises on average 4.9%

3Q14 earnings season

Earnings Season 3Q14 Results So Far

Looking at the Earnings Seasons Results 3Q14 75% of the S&P 500 reported positive earnings surprises with an average surprise of 5.5% 1. The sectors showing excessive positive earnings surprises, well in of the averages generally seen are: Energy               73.6%             9.5% Financials      

Earnings Season 3Q14 Preview

Earnings Season 3Q14 Preview shows earnings are forecasted to be a bit higher than long term averages.  Here are the key numbers markets will be watching:   The Source for stats was FACTSET unless indicated otherwise. EARNINGS SEASON 3Q14 PREVIEW – EARNINGS EXPECTATIONS Earnings are expected to grow 4.6% Telecom sector is expected to be the strongest sector 

Reform Costs Lower Bank Revenue Projections

Reform Costs Lower Bank Revenue Projections

Tabb Group recently conducted 50 interviews with asset managers, hedge funds, banks and insurance companies that buy and sell interest-rate and credit-default swaps. It also used proprietary data and information available from SEFs, clearinghouses and swap data repositories. ,Click here to receive TABB Forum Survey Request Form.   Reform Costs Lower Bank Revenue Projections Bank revenues are expected to fall by