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New Site Will Be Up Any day Now, Any day

As is the way of the world when developing a website of some complexity, there will be a delay, or two. I haven’t published a blog in awhile because I think you’re going to be blown away by the new site and don’t want to ask you to visit this “second best”. Alas, today I

Presidential Election 2016

Presidential Election 2016

The 2016 Presidential Election might be one of the most important decisions Americans make in the 21st Century.  Red Hats & Blue Hats Let me say upfront, I’m not writing this blog to sway your vote to Clinton or Trump.  It’s not a matter of Red Hats or Blue Hats. As a country of immigrants we’re risk

Happy Birthday, Mr. Lennon

This video Happy Birthday, Mr. Lennon is to say happy birthday to #johnlennon who turned 75 on October 9th. This short video can be used as a meditation and to calm your mind and refresh your energy.  Refocus with the ideas John Lennon stated so well in his song Imagine. Enjoy!

A Day in Small Town

A Day in a Small Town

New York City isn’t often viewed as a small town.  But it’s a collection of neighborhoods and often feels like a day in a small town.  One snowy day in particular reminded me how special cities are.  Although I’m biased to New York City, no matter where you live perhaps you’ve had similar experiences.  Tell us

Happy New Year

New Years

There seems to be two primary ways people look at the passage of time to a new year: New Year as Compartmentalization           “I’m so glad this year is over” is a commonly heard phrase around New Years. Compartmentalizing years allows us to throw away the challenges of the previous year and