New Years

Happy New Year

There seems to be two primary ways people look at the passage of time to a new year:

New Year as Compartmentalization

Happy New Year from MHDS






  • “I’m so glad this year is over” is a commonly heard phrase around New Years. Compartmentalizing years allows us to throw away the challenges of the previous year and gives us the confidence that a better year lies ahead.
  • Compartmentalizing time is also a coping mechanism in an unsettled world. Civil & geopolitical unrest; economic uncertainty; horrendous crimes shown on TV.  It’s logical to want to just look forward.  It gives us hope things will be better next year and we can forget about last year.
  • New Years’ Eve is infectious with optimism. “Next Year I’m going to…..” begins the resolutions made in celebration of “tomorrow” when all things appear new and possible.  It’s a psychological line in the sand.

New Year as Continuum

Happy New Year






  • I tend to see New Years as a continuum. Years thread from one into another.  There’s memory through time.  Events from the prior year move forward to the next year organically.
  • A continuum view creates space for the new without shedding the old. It brings events from the previous year forward and our ultimate goal(s) more clearly into view.

There is no right or wrong path.   If compartmentalizing each year fits your psyche better, you’ll follow that path.   If viewing a new year as a continuum fits better, you’ll gravitate toward that path.  It’s the awareness of which path you’re on that heightens life’s journey.   Your game plan will be in line with your inner experience of the passage of time.

2014 Lessons I’ll Bring Forward

Last year’s standout lesson for me was that our legacies are made up of many parts.  We’ve gotten good at building our personal legacies but we’ve lost sight of our collective legacy as a community.

I don’t think a person will be judged for falling down but rather for how they got back up.  I’m not sure anyone will check the amount of ducats in a person’s account or their investment performance. He who has the most toys at the end of the game just has the most toys.  Win the rat race and you’re still a rat.

Rather our legacy may be found in a collective contribution to the world around us.  Whether that’s planting a vertical garden on your block, standing ready to serve your neighborhood in the face of a storm, or developing a cure for a disease, our legacy will be based on the positive impact we have on the community around us.  It’s not a “me” measure, but a measure of “we”.

So go out tonight and have a blast, kiss a girl or a guy at midnight and love life.  In the morning think about contributing

to anyone but yourself.


Peace and Warm Wishes from MH Derivative Solutions


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