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Submitting swaps to clearinghouse

Transition & Reporting of Oustanding Swaps

Transition & Reporting of Oustanding Swaps

What Revisions did the CFTC Propose and WHY? The CFTC proposed revisions to swaps processing & reporting (Section 21 of the CEA (Commodity Exchange Act).   Given the goal of D-F is to make the swaps market transparent & liquid, we need to apply a certain number of identifiers to keep transactions straight.  Also, these

the difference between banks and insurance companies

Difference Between Banks & Insurance Companies

When I consider the FSOC’s SIFI Designation for non-banks I’m reminded of two things:  1) The Difference Between Banks & Insurance Companies 2) I’m reminded of the joke: “Do you know the difference between an elephant and a dozen eggs?” “No, what’s the difference” “Well if you don’t know, remind me never to send you to the store

Dodd Frank Scorecard July 2012

Dodd Frank Scorecard July 2012

Revisions and final rules for Dodd Frank Title VII moves forward at a snails pace.  But forward movement is better than no movement at all.  The Dodd Frank Scorecard July 2012 highlights are: Dodd Frank Deadlines  221 Dodd-Frank deadlines have passed. 140 (63%) passed without a final rule and 81 (37%) have been met with

Dodd Frrank Status

Dodd Frank Status Reports

June 16, 2012 Dodd Frank Status Report – Regulatory Updates From a Rulemaking aspect, the best source for information for Dodd Frank Status Reports have been the law firms which specialize in compliance. Davis Polk’s Dodd Frank Progress Report Morrison & Foerster has a very good summary document Dodd Frank Cheat Sheet   Dodd Frank Status Report