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China's Currency Effective Date Inclusion IMF's SDR

China’s Currency Effective Date Inclusion IMF’s SDR

China’s Currency Effective Date Inclusion IMF’s SDR

Chicken Little’s Global Currency Reset The internet is a great source for information.  But it can also be confusing when events are blown out of proportion.  This weekend was China’s Currency Effective Date for Inclusion into IMF’s SDR.  Chicken Little had a field day.  So let’s try to mop up the mess, so we can focus

IMF approves inclusion of RMB in SDR

5 Things to Know About China & SDR

UPDATE February 18, 2016:  China’s Foreign Exchange Reserves Dwindling Prior to the IMFs meeting in Lima, Peru in October the IMF agreed China could re-approach the discussion in October 2016.  Instead, yesterday IMF Approves China Inclusion in SDR (the basket of currencies known as  Special Drawing Rights).  You can read more about the SDR here.   For some


The 2015 IMF Meeting is currently underway in Lima, Peru. There was much anticipation regarding an announcement slated for October 20th regarding The IMF SDRs & China. China would like to join the currencies which make up the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights (SDR).  The IMF notified China in August that they would re-consider inclusion on September 30,