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Lemonade for Banker’s Pay Cap

Lemonade for Banker’s Pay Cap

Note:  click on term to see definition Beyonce’s Sipping Lemonade This weekend, Beyonce served up the largest pitcher of LEMONADE I’ve ever seen.  In case you didn’t catch the show on HBO or missed the avalanche of publicity which followed, I’ll spill some 411.  Beyonce is mad at her husband Jay-Z because he (allegedly) had

regulation reform without consequences

Enforcing Wall Street Reform

Regulations are Boundaries Rules are important.  Regulations are important.  Boundaries of acceptable actions are important.  Just as the rules  guiding the behavior of a child, regulations are boundaries.  Telling a child they have to finish their meal and if they don’t finish, they won’t have dessert. Giving a teenager a curfew which if broken will result

LIBOR Scandal Heads to Court

After 7 years of preparation, the UK courts are bringing individuals to trial as the LIBOR Scandal heads to court.  SUSPICIOUS DEATHS & SUICIDES You may recall during 4Q13 and  1Q14 when 12 bankers  committed suicide.  The stories are as varied as the are sordid.  The media linked as many as 48 suicides to the LIBOR