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Swaps Execution Facilities Tracker December 2015

Swaps Execution Facilities Tracker December 2015

The Future Industry Association Releases it’s latest Stats on Swap Execution Facilities, December 2015. As SEF’s become more important to the market for the transparency of transactions, these monthly reports from the FIA will illustrate those results.  In a glance their charts show which broker, which product are growing over time. Also, inference research for

Swap Execution Facilities

Swap Execution Facilities & End Users

ISDA’s new Survey of Issues & Trends in the End User Community offer interesting insights into Swap Execution Facilities and End Users.  Respondents point to fragmentation along geographical lines due to regulatory ambiguities in cross border transactions. The survey’s respondents were asset managers and non-financial corporate, with a total of 125 respondents.  89% of those respondents are

KYC Registry means central source for client data

KYC Registry Means Central Source for Client Data

6 Key Banks Signed up for Global KYS Registry Swift, the global messaging system, has entered into a memorandum of understanding with 6 key banks (Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Citibank, Commerzbank, J.P. Morgan, Societe Generale & Standard Chartered) to develop Swift’s KYC (Know Your Customer) Registry. The KYC Registry means central source for client data,