Bob Gruen’s Early Ramones at Sotheby’s

online Auction at Sotheby's

In the late 1970s four kids from Queens took the subway into Manhattan.  Here they joined other bands like Blondie, Television, The New York Dolls, etc. to play their music in small clubs on smaller stages. The Ramones taught us how to do the Blitzkrieg Bop & forever Sheena would be a Punk Rocker. Check out this video of the Ramones taken by Bob Gruen.  The video is being used to promote Sotheby’s C2 ROCK STYLE Exhibition and online auction.  Gruen always seemed to be framing what he saw (without that silly thumb to index finger framing gesture) his eye was trained on the raw, the interesting and the real.  The results are amazing.

See the video here


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