Wall Street Women Awards 2014

Wall Street Women Awards 2014

I’m not typically a genderist.  Having worked in this industry since I was a young girl growing up in New york City, have the same group of girlfriends since Junior High School and I’ve always considered myself a girl’s girl.  So I think The Wall Street Women Awards 2014 (Trader’s Magazine) are cool.

Wall Street Women

I didn’t feel any different when I began working on Wall Street except that I was very young, the fact that I was a woman didn’t phase me much.

The women who made my career possible kicked the door open several generations before my time.  By the time I was trading it became clear that you needn’t act like a man.  But it helped if you understood the psychology of people.

I find diversity for the sake of diversity distasteful and insulting to everyone.  But I enjoy seeing people  lauded for their success.  So this somewhat off-topic blog celebrates the 2014 list of Wall Street Women’s Awatds.  

Here’s the link to Trader Magazine’s Article.  I hope you enjoy it.  If you know someone on the list, send them a quick message congratulating them.


in the 1980’s there were these  great advertisements in the Wall Street journal by United Technologies.   Today we would call them motivational messages.  One of them spoke of gratitude.  Mentioning teachers who helped you or that first boss to give you a break.

I’ve had male mentors as well as female mentors.  Many I still call friends.  Anyone who has worked in this crazy business for longer than a minute knows we have a LOT of characters.  I can still crack up laughing at people I sat next to 20 years ago.  Yes, they were THAT funny.  They had that much character.

The comraderie and friendship I’ve experienced in my professional life did cause me to see the world through a certain lens and as a result made my personal life more fulfilling and more happy.

So in honor of the Trader’s Magazine list and in memory of those great UTX ads, I’m going to reach out thank a f ew people.  Maybe you will do the same.  If you do, tell us about it.

I think we could all use a little glass half full thinking today.



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